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Ranging from a re-imagined Medea to Agatha Christie's neglected passion piece to devised work about the disenfranchised poor (of Shakespeare's Verona), the work bursts with big thinking and creativity.  Yet each production starts small by digging deeply into the text to create a visceral connection between playwright and audience. 

Fenris Angry.jpg

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Book by Roger O. Hirson

The son of a king learns to value a non sensational life. (And avoids killing himself for the profit of others.)

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe 

by C. S. Lewis

original music by John LaSala

Four children help free a magical land of it oppressor, the White Witch.

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens adapted by Barbara Field

A community enacts the story of four ghosts teaching a determined miser to value others.

The Woman Who Shed Her Skin

by Chloe Hooton

directed + developed + choreographed by Noel MacDuffie

original music by John LaSala

A woman brutally at war with herself over her addiction to cosmetics. 

Baltimore Waltz

by Paula Vogel

A woman pursues understanding of her brother's death from AIDS with a wild trip to Europe

by Don Nigro

A young woman pursues a forbidden relationship only to learn, too late, a terrible secret.


by Euripides with additional material by Hila Ben Gera and Robin Messersmith

directed + choreographed by Noel MacDuffie

original music by John LaSala

A foreign woman in a foreign land is abandoned by her husband for the daughter of the local king.  Threatened with exile she reacts with increasingly extreme actions to enact her revenge on all who have wronged her.


by John Patrick Shanley

A nun crusades against a priest suspected of sexual impropriety with the boys of their school.


by Agatha Christie

A true believer's inflexibility endangers his young cousin when she is wrongfully accused of the murder  of his wife.

The Foreigner

by Larry Shue

An awkward man finds freedom as a confident foreigner when he overhears something he should not and must pretend for his safety. 

3 am, 89°, no wind

choreographed + directed by Noel MacDuffie

original music by John LaSala

Day dreams/night dreams and a mythical woman of gold collide in the fretful wee hours.

The Snow Queen

choreographed by Noel MacDuffie and Angela Jones​

original music by John LaSala 

After Gerta rejects Kai's youthful advances, he is seduced and abducted by the Snow Queen.  Gerta goes in pursuit and learns many things about the adult world before reuniting and reconnecting with Kai. 

Soul Descending

choreographed + directed by Noel MacDuffie

original music by John LaSala

Unable to let her beloved go, a woman forsakes her tiny fishing community and travels to the underworld in search of her husband. 


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