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The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

by Joseph Robinette based on the book by C.S. Lewis

Feeling that no depiction of Narnia has ever really satisfied, we used a mix of children's crafts, physical theater, masks, and costume elements to sketch the world so the audience would be able to fill in the gaps however they liked. Live original music cast a spell over the whole production.

Synopsis - Welcome to the magical land of Narnia where animals talk and the White Witch maintains eternal winter. When four human children enter the land through a wardrobe, change is in the air! The animals even talk of the return of Narnia's protector, a lion named Aslan.    

directed by Noel MacDuffie

assistant directed by Marie Isner

original music by John LaSala

music direction by Emily Goggin

costumes by Amy Gallacher

mask painting by Leah Elm

set and lights by Noel MacDuffie

props by MariaElisa Costa

stage combat by Andrea Bernardo

stage managed by Corrine Contrino

photos by Pam Wagner


Performed by Kaleb Batman, Shanice Peters, Thea Miller, Nadia Daniel, Dorea Slagle, John Squires.

Andrea Bernardo, Heather Cate, Reina Celis, Noah Fowler, Emma Franzel, Isaiah Lemelbaum, Tyler Macia,  Elizabeth Oliveri-DiSalvio, Lilith Ralph, Hannah Simpson, Yuliana Sleme, Andrea Smargiassi, Oliver Wolf, and Tatum Zimmerman. 

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