Opening Sept 23, 2021 at Theatre Row:

Eddie Doran's Deal

Eddie Doran’s alcoholism, infidelity and explosive temper have already cost him his relationship with his father & brothers, his marriage, and -- possibly the only thing he still cares about -- his young daughter. Knowing he’s created his own misery and ready to end his life, Eddie decides to play a dangerous game of Russian Roulette with himself, one that will either leave him dead or with a reason to keep living.

Theatre Row 410 W 42nd St., NYC

Sept 23 @ 5 pm

Sept 24 @ 8 pm

Sept 25 @ 2 pm

Sept 29 @ 8 pm

$25   Purchase you tickets

Creative Team:

Directed by Noel MacDuffie

Set Design by Josh Warner

Lighting Design by Sean Perry

Costume Design by Amy Gallacher

Sound/Composition by John LaSala

Stage Management by Emily LaRosa

by Stephen Boulhosa

In Development:

The Paradigm Shift Project 

The Industrial Revolution caused a seismic shift in the lives of the workers who made it all possible.  Tremendous fortunes were created, often due to the work of folks who were paid subsistence wages.  No one knew what they were worth or what was appropriate to ask for the jobs that were being created.  


Now we are in the throws of  the Digital Revolution.  And again, we do not know what we are worth or even how long our jobs will remain. 


Experiencing the lives of workers in the late 1800s through their autobiographies, what can we discover about the people who lived through the greatest upheaval in human history... until the upheaval we are living through now. 


What can the past tell us about our future?