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Casting for Xanadu - book by Douglas Carter Beane music and lyrics by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar.

Directed by Noel MacDuffie. Music Direction by Jorden Amir. Choreography by Luca Villa.

Auditions Dec 5, 6 and call backs Dec 7.

Rehearsal start Dec 12.

Performances Feb 3-19.

Auditions, Rehearsals, and Performances @ 26 Willow Place, Brooklyn Heights, 11201.

Please prepare 32 bars of a broadway pop/rock song and have a 1-2 minute monologue.  An accompanist will be provided. Be prepared to move.

When ancient Greek muses appear in 1980 Venice Beach, plucky Clio disguises herself as a roller skating Aussie named Kira to inspire street artist Sonny Malone.  Hoping to achieve Xanadu yet forbidden by Zeus to love, Kira is tricked by two of her sister muses to fall for Sonny.  Will she pay the ultimate price for loving a doppy mortal who wants nothing more than to open a roller skating nightclub?
Delightfully self aware redo of the original movie with references to Clash of the Titans, this show has plenty of heart but does not take itself too seriously!

Note: We are planning to use roller skates but not being able to roller skate will not disqualify you.  So if you do roller skate, let us know, but don't avoid auditioning because you cannot skate.  That said, Clio (Kira) spends most of the show in skates, so being able to skate will matter for that role.

Clio (Kira) (20-30s female, any ethnicity) - enthusiastic and perky, Clio is the youngest muse but is nevertheless their leader.  She has the wisdom of millennia and yet love takes her by surprise. Patterned after Olivia Newton John in the original movie.

Sonny Malone (20-30s male any ethnicity) - Sonny genuinely wants to make an impact.  He loves building things and while he struggles with despair, he also happily embraces big ideas and big jobs. His enthusiasm is infectious.

Danny (60s-70s male any ethnicity) - once a bright eyed dreamer, Danny has become embittered due to losing his love, his inspiration, and consequently his artistic dreams many years ago. Although maybe his dreams are not finished yet...

Melpomene - (30s- 40s female, any ethnicity) - frustrated by her youngest sister’s leadership of the muses and seeming effortless success, she has decided to try a curse. Great comic timing is needed for this role.

Calliope - (30s- 40s female, any ethnicity) - enthusiastic but less likely to plot than her sister Melpomene, she is nevertheless perfectly ready to help.  Great comic timing is needed for this role.

4 Muses - (20s-30s 2 male and 2 female, any ethnicity) - playing multiple characters and dancing up a storm, the muses perform with sass and panache.

4 movers/backup singers (any age, any gender, and any ethnicity) - supporting the physical nature of the show, movers will serve as additional dancers, support for the physical magic, and support for the vocal needs for the show. Versatile and dynamic. Partnering experience is a plus.

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