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by Euripides with additional material by Hila Ben Gera and Robin Messersmith

Translated by Mark Buchan and Bridget Durkin

Reflecting that the ancient audience would know of Medea and Jason as lovers and the modern audience knows them only as enemies, I added new material to give this story of revenge an anchor in love. A place from which to fall. The additions caused enough disruption to throw the ending in doubt, causing the killing of the children to be a surprise for many.

It was also crucial to me to present both Jason's and Medea's points of view evenhandedly. Ancient audiences would trust Jason implicitly because he is a man.  But modern audiences do not come with the same ideas.  

Synopsis: A foreign woman in a foreign land is abandoned by her husband for the daughter of the local king.  Threatened with exile she reacts with increasingly extreme actions to enact her revenge on all who have wronged her.

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directed + choreographed by
Noel MacDuffie

Original music by John LaSala

Singer: Elana Belle Carroll

Costumes by Ayano Ganaha

Lighting by Sean Perry

Photos by Pam Wagner

Performed by Hila Ben Gera, Keithen Hergott, Rosie Sowa, Rose Ortiz, Emilyn Kowaleski, Kendra Slack,  Andres Pina, Phyllis Bowen, Fenton Li, Alex Fox, Dilon Uruci, Bernard Feinerman, Alexander W. Smith, Martina Bonolis, and Karen McFarlane.

Performed at the Beckmann Theater in NYC.

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