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The Baltimore Waltz

by Paula Vogel

Written during the worst of the AIDS crisis, I felt the immediacy of the show would not translate to current times.  Instead, the show became about creating the feeling of uncertainty and fear that pervaded the gay community in the early 90's.  


Synopsis: A woman has  a mysterious terminal disease contracted from toilet seats at the nursery school where she works.  Her brother, Carl, drags her to Europe in search of a cure.  Mimicking the film The Third Man, the siblings' search ends with Carl paying a terrible price.

Written after her brother's death, Vogel weaves deep-seated regret, survivors guilt, and intense sadness into a tragic comedy with a devilishly surprising structure.  Having never been to Europe, the playwright bypassed encyclopedias and used children's books and Hollywood films for source material.

directed by Noel MacDuffie

sets by Kyu Shin

costumes by Karim Rosado

lighting by Shannon Kavanagh

sound Design by John LaSala

photos by Pam Wagner

Performed by Alexandra Slater, Shomari Pinnock, Connor Sheridan.

Presented by Brooklyn College.

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