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What does one do with a golden woman? Befriend her or melt her down?


6 characters, several plot lines, day dreams, night dreams, a character from another world ... all in 23 scenes with not a word of spoken text.  A man who fantasizes about killing, an sister who torments her younger sibling, a man tormented by night dreams of abusive women while day dreaming of the goth girl down the street (who dreams of him in return.)  Then, when the restlessness and heat bring on hallucination, a woman made of gold arrives from another dimension.  An exciting idea that I will return to one day and rebuild.

synopsis: Day dreams/night dreams and a mythical woman of gold collide in the fretful wee hours of a New England seaside town.

3 am, 89°, no wind

conceived, choreographed + directed by Noel MacDuffie

original music and lyrics by John LaSala​

lighting by Sean Perry

photos Nura Qureshi

Performed by Siri Peterson, Pam Wagner, Emily Quant, Marcel Dou, Toby Billowitz, Elizabeth Douglas, and Megan Krauszer.

Presented at 3 Legged Dog as part of The American Living Room Festival.

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