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Soul Descending

Inspired by friends around me who were unable to see that they were in love with death things, I decided to explore what happens when one can no longer live in the world.  When is love stronger then the fear of death? 
Soul Descending was created in 2003 and revised in 2005 for its premiere as part of the Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company's season. 

Synopsis:  Unable to let her beloved go, a woman forsakes her tiny fishing community and travels to the underworld in search of her husband. 

choreographed + directed by

Noel MacDuffie

original music by John LaSala

lighting by Sean Perry

Performed by Pam Wagner, Jacqueline Dumas, Lindsey Deitz Marchant, Wendy Rogerson, Joan Chaing, Jason Deitz Marchant, David Shen.

Presented at Kirby Shakespeare Theater by Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company and at HERE Arts Center as part of The American Living Room. 

review: "It was no surprise, then, that an enthusiastic and sustained ovation rewarded the creative forces responsible for a collaborative work worthy of instant classic status." - John de Clef Piñeiro for the New Music Connoisseur

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