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The Woman Who Shed Her Skin

  by Chloe Hooton

directed + developed + choreographed by

Noel MacDuffie

original music by John LaSala

sets and projections by Michael Redman

costumes by Karim Rosado

lighting by Sophie Telmadge Silleck

cello - Brian Sanders + Caleigh Drane

photos by Pam Wagner

Performed by Chloe Hooton, Flora McGill, Jenna Rae Smith, Courtney Salvage.


Originally a narrative poem about a battle between an internal and external voice, the piece interwove many metaphors to create the experience of a woman battling her ideals and her gut simultaneously. Text, Dance, video, music, and characterization all contributed.


Synopsis: A woman brutalizes herself over her addiction to cosmetics. Harassed by her digital ideal of herself and hounded by an internal voice embodied by a dancer, she struggles to appear unaffected. Only by ripping herself apart will she discover what she needs to find.


Performed at Dixon Place and HERE Arts Center, in NYC and at The Warren as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival 2017.

Funded, in part, by the Beatrice Snyder Foundation.

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