Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Book by Roger O. Hirson

directed by Noel MacDuffie

produced by Chris Carlson 

music direction by Paolo Perez 

choreography by Frederica Lewis

sets and lights by Noel MacDuffie

photos by Pam Wagner


Performed by Evan Buxbaum as Pippin, Jeannie Cascio as Catherine, Johari Frasier as Leading Player, Harley Diamond as Charles, Margaret Sullivan as Berthe, Leah Elm as Fastrada, Isaiah Lemelbaum as Lewis, Tyler Macia as Theo

Keeping the clarity of Pippin's journey to discover fulfillment was, of course, essential. Equally essential was illuminating the player's goal that Pippin must fail so the show can end as promised and they can collect their money.

Synopsis: A young man who believes himself to be extraordinary tries to find something to make his life totally fulfilling.  War, sex, and intrigue all fail him.  Finally he must decide between the flash of self immolation or the grind of day to day ordinary love.

The Players: Desiree Artesse, Andrea Bernardo, Lucia Burns, MariaElisa Costa, Aurora Dreger, Sydney Duncheon, Samara Graham, Morgan Johnson, Kat Katona, Gail Lemelbaum, Dovid Lew, Jennifer McCarthy, Marina Mazzamuto, Celestine Mignott, Amma Okwara, Masha Paul, Jilian Pizzi, Georgie Raiola, Hannah Sandhu, and Colleen Stewart