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The Foreigner

by Larry Shue

Honing both the comedic and emotional moments and than melding the cast into a cohesive whole was the primary challenge. 

Synopsis: An awkward man finds freedom as a confident foreigner when he overhears something he should not and must pretend for his safety. 

"All the compounded twists and turns, all of the comic potential of the play written by the late Larry Shue, are artfully and skillfully displayed to the max by a spirited and talented cast, carried along by Noel MacDuffie's ingenious direction. Noel MacDuffie has directed a really fine comedy." - Jay Reisberg for Culture Catch

directed by Noel MacDuffie

costumes by Renesta Olds

set by Noel MacDuffie

lighting by Leo J. Contrino

sound by Robert G. Waring

props by Jan VanderPutten

stage management by Michael Staton

photos by

Performed by: Steve Velardi, Elizabeth Bove, Kalya Ferguson, Cameron McIntosh, Bernard Bosio, Larry Gutman, William Barry, and Steven Ackerman.

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