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A Virtual Interactive Theatrical Experience!

The Heights Murders

Six adventure seeking retirees get more than they bargained for when they pay for exclusive access to an abandoned theater. Their fellows keep turning up dead from bizarrely lethal encounters with teacups, bad Shakespeare, and worst of all: Too Much Sexy.   Can the group crack the mystery of The Weeping Woman before they are all hustled into an early(ish) grave? 


Watch, Choose, and root for your favorites!

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The Heights Murders: A Covid Necessity Film


The goal was to get folks back into the theater and have some fun in the spirit of community theater and create something that would amuse audiences struggling with a dramatically changed world. It made very quickly when Covid rates were very low in NYC.  Safety was our prime concern (I might dedicate my life to theater but I don't want anyone dying from it) 

Nevertheless lots of folks gave their all - the cast, of course, but most especially the crew Joe, Tony, Bree, and Corrine. 

Editing is real thing.  Admittedly I was learning as I went, but it took me a full six weeks with only a break for Christmas Day to edit the video. The sound editing took a professional 3 weeks. 

Emily Twines made the game work (sounds easy doesn't it?) which required many miracles, but somehow she pulled it off! 

and give them something else to think about besides their four walls

The Heights Murders Trailer

Enter the Haunted Theater

(if you DARE!)  

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