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The Fake News Project - Violent Delights/ Violent Ends

You've heard of Romeo and Juliet, I suppose?


Probably think its just a story...

Well it happened.


Just over 10 years ago. 

photo Pam Wagner

So we went to Verona, to see how the town has healed!  What we found will astound you! 


Home to a delightful group of irreverent survivors, Verona is rising from the ashes of the collapse of their two houses. Tied to their past and determined to make the most of their futures, meet the plucky denizens of a town the world forgot!   


Join us at the opening of Capulet Manor, a museum of all things Juliet! 

Explore the The Lover's Festival sponsored by Montague - a family company

Meet Benvolio, multi billionaire and visionary, and the diverting Peter, a page who is still waiting for a certain young woman to awake!

When all the hope has been removed, how do you get up every morning? 

When success is for other people, how do you spend your days?

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